We have been held hostage to our fears of terrorism, the Iraq War, pollution, global warming, climate change, and energy shortages for many years, paying untold billions of dollars combating them, not to mention the cost in human life. In fact, these fears are really unsolvable symptoms of a common solvable problem to which we pay just lip-service: our continued dependence on oil.

Clean, renewable energy is nature’s “Rubik’s Cube,” and arguably the most commercially valuable puzzle to solve. After years of research, Professor Jason “Doc” Davidson and his team of university researchers have cracked the code, but bringing their solution to market must overcome the challenges of those who see renewable energy as a threat.

DEADLY FREEDOM weaves fiction and fact into a tapestry of intrigue and conspiracy between OPEC, the oil and automotive industries, and our own government. Threats to this conspiracy are dealt with through strategic eliminations carried out by “The Club,” an assassination squad of rogue CIA double agents. As Davidson is going to find out, freedom comes at a cost, a cost justified by a country’s return to greatness.


DEADLY FREEDOM, available here, is a techno-thriller based on the technology and geopolitics of energy uncovered during two years of research. Click here to see the cover (front and back) full size.

It would be nice to think that solving our core energy issue is strictly a technology exercise along the lines described in my post An Electric Economy. Unfortunately, there are many players in today’s fossil fuel world who will be adversely impacted by a carbonless energy future, including but not limited to: the oil industry, the automotive industry and its supply chains, OPEC countries and terrorists who feed off our current oil addiction—as a rule of thumb, if you subtract 80-cents from a gallon of gasoline, the remainder is what is going to OPEC. They have trillions of dollars of oil resources at risk.

DEADLY FREEDOM is a fictitious story about a real cause. The novel draws on the human drama associated with the financial upheaval of the industrialized world and those who feed our addiction brought about by the introduction of a carbonless energy solution. The story pits those who will benefit against those who will not. Which side will you be on?

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