Dave Spicer: First Atlanta Book Signing

I’m having my first book signing in Atlanta:

Saturday, September 20th
From 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Barnes and Noble (at “The Forum”)
5141 Peachtree Pkwy
Norcross, GA 30092
Phone (if you need it): (770) 209-4244

Here’s a link to a map.

Given our recent experience with $4/gallon gas, our two presidential candidates have begun to push their energy plans. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that focusing on the energy problem should be our highest priority. In discussing their energy policies they both use the standard line, “let’s do ‘em all,” to which the republican likes to add, “keep drill’in!” Unfortunately, when it comes to energy, attempting a multiple-choice solution of incompatible technologies will result in doing none of them. I guess to get elected, candidates must tell the electorate what they want to hear and avoid offending the special interests.

Now T. Boone Pickens has gotten into the act and while his plan will make him a lot of money, it won’t help us at all.

Since my character, Doc Davidson, isn’t running for office, he doesn’t care if he offends special interests with his “Carbonless Electric Economy” that not only solves the problem, but pays for itself!

I would enjoy meeting each of you to discuss the characters and plot lines as well as the ideas in the book and what they could mean to the future of our economic and political well-being.

Look forward to seeing you at “The Forum.”

Dave Spicer (Book, Website, FaceBook)

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