This is the companion site for my new novel DEADLY FREEDOM.

Imagine a world that has moved to a Carbonless Electric Economy, severing its dependence on fossil fuels and reducing the value of imported oil to nearly zero. Then imagine the geopolitical ramifications of that event. How would the oil companies react? How would the OPEC countries react at the loss of trillions of dollars? How would every industrialized nation behave given this new-found freedom? This is the world that Doc Davidson and his team of researchers at USF have triggered and now they have to deal with the consequences.

If you’ve read my book and haven’t had a chance to write a review on, I’d appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to do so by clicking here and hitting the “Create your own review” button. Your feedback will be incorporated in future works. I have now established a Facebook page for additional communications with the Facebook generation in addition to a Twitter account. These are the people who are fighting and dying in our current oil war that is being entirely funded by Chinese debt. It seems appropriate to open a channel of communications with those who will also be saddled with repayment of that debt. The Electric Economy will be able to help fund those payments…

The goal of this site is to discuss DEADLY FREEDOM and also discuss what the book is about—getting this country back on track by eliminating our addiction to fossil fuels and turning our energy problem into a national opportunity to become the “Saudi Arabia” of renewable energy technology. This is the place to discuss the characters (what does the future hold for Doc and Sandra?), the plot (could a rogue CIA group like “The Club” really come into being?), and the technology (how quickly could we have the “Electric Economy” in place). By scrolling down to the “comments” section at the end of this article, or clicking here, you can ask a question or enter a comment. You can still influence the sequel.

Political discussion will be unavoidable. When it comes to energy policy, our two candidates tend to rattle off a list of solutions including: hydrogen, biofuels, wind, and solar. The republicans also tend to favor “drill baby drill” with McCain’s recent flip-flop. The problem is that neither understands the ramifications of implementing a multiple-choice solution of incompatible technologies, thinking that lashing together a set of technologies that don’t work individually will somehow work together…hoping for a negative synergy perhaps! I will have some posts on this issue that I hope will generate spirited debate. The first is my “Help Wanted” ad for a president entitled Help Wanted: A President for the Issue of Our Time. My second is an appeal to the person I believe will win the election—which doesn’t mean I’m voting for him—if he is able to avoid any serious missteps: Senator Obama, Real Leaders Have a Strategy.

And now oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens is getting in the act and while his plan will make him a lot of money, it won’t help us at all.

I’ve had a number of readers tell me the book is prophetic, others have said it’s a sign…

Dave Spicer



Anonymous said...

I'm a student at USF and would like to know how much of Doc Davidson's character came from Professor Stefanakos.


HarleyDave said...

I suspect, as with most novelists, my characters are an amalgam of different people. Professor Stefanakos was an early inspiration for Doc Davidson, heading a group of researchers in their quest for what today may be equivalent to the Holy Grail—a carbonless energy society. I discovered the professor and his work through his website. I was fortunate to have spent a day on campus with him and members of his CERC team. They’re doing great work.

Dave Spicer

Anonymous said...


I would like to speak with you privately as I am currently working to make this technology a reality. Given the confidential nature of the technology, please advise the best way for us to communicate.

HarleyDave said...

Anonymous: You can send me an email at: